Saturday, November 5, 2011

Winter Internship

I promise this won't be a whiney/raging post, so please, read on.

I got a call from the guy who interviewed me at Ernst & Young. I was on their "wait list" and they were waiting to see how many people from their first round of internship offers accepted vs. rejected. He told me that the trend they were seeing was that there were a lot more people turning down their winter internship offers  than summer offers. What this means for me is that if I decide I'm willing to do an winter internship, I can have one. Whether or not there will be space in the summer remains to be seen (they're still waiting to hear back from people).

A winter internship runs from the beginning of January to the beginning of March, 9 weeks. It's actually a better internship because it's the "busy season" and there will be more to do than there is in the summer, and it will be a better taste of what the profession is like.

But here's the thing. Greg has 10 credits he needs to take to graduate. He's planning to graduate in April, so he will need to stay here in Provo to finish school. If I decide to do the winter internship, here are the options:

1) Greg stays in Provo to finish school, and flies to Denver every other weekend or so. This way he can graduate in April and start working full time.
2) Greg comes with me to Colorado and tries to find a job/internship for only a few months on short notice. Then he comes back and still works part time and finished a couple credits during spring/summer and then the last of his classes during fall semester, and finishes in December
3)Greg comes with me to Colorado and tries to find a job/internship for only a few months on short notice. Then he comes back and starts working full time and spreads out the ten credits so that he takes another year to graduate, so he'll finish April 2013 with me

If I don't take this internship,  I can still apply for full time next year. But the internship is a great way to see if you know what you're getting yourself into and if its what you really want to do. Plus, I will make bank! I'll be an hourly employee and will get tons of overtime since it's busy season. But I don't like the idea of not being with Greg. But I also don't like the idea of him delaying graduation because he's so close and he hates school! Right now, I'm leaning towards the whole me just going by myself thing, but I'm not totally sure how I feel about that. It is only 9 weeks, but he's more important to me than my career. Is going by myself putting temporal things before eternal things?

What do you guys think?


  1. i look at it as if i were greg. i would not want to be away from my wife, let alone my NEW wife for all that time. so, i would go with you, and then finish school in the fall. it would be a GRAND adventure for you two. also, denver is GORGEOUS and VERY ROMANTIC. think of all the fun that could be had...........

  2. Yeah, I'd lean toward having Greg go with you and finish later, whether in the fall or the spring. It solves some of the problems regarding what he does while you finish school anyway, and if he hates school, maybe a break from it for a while would help.

  3. I think this is one of those, spirit involvement decisions. :) good luck though, these are all good things!

  4. I've known couples who have done both options... being apart for four months, and postponing graduation. I don't know you and Greg's relationship and how dependent/independent you are... but if it was me, I would say go to Denver, Greg too... and let him have a break from school and you will get excellent experience.

  5. I know you two are newlyweds so it's a little different...but my parents have been living in different cities for over a year, seeing each other every other weekend so my dad can keep his job... and I'm sure they don't like it, but it's what works best!

    Pray hard!

  6. DON'T GO ALONE!!! YOU will hate your life and so will Greg. Its not worth it. Another semester or two for you guys = no big deal (i mean we will be here to cheer you up) even if it seems like it now. Whatever you do. Do it together. Pray - it always works out WAY better than you could have ever envisioned for yourself.

  7. he should just try to finish his classes during Spring/Summer and graduate in August 2012. As long as the classes he needs are offered either Spring or Summer it will be a piece of cake.