Wednesday, November 13, 2013

the favorite stall

Do you have a favorite bathroom stall at work or school? I do. It used to be the first one, until I walked in to find pee splattered all over seat and had to default to another stall one too many times. Then my favorite stall became the last one, the one right before the handicapped stall. Until I walked in to find pee splattered all over the seat and had to default to another stall one too many times.
Is nowhere safe in this world?!
And no, I am not the one peeing all over the seat, thank you very much.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


--Can we just talk about how annoying Matt Walsh is? Here's a link to his blog if you want to check it out ( I am so sick of seeing everyone share his blog posts. I don't know how people can read the things he writes and feel good and happy about them. He is so arrogant, condescending, and overall annoying. He acts like his opinion is the only one that matters and anyone who disagrees with him is an idiot. Every time I read any of his posts, even if he hits on some things I agree with, I just come away from it feeling angry. Seriously, this guy is obviously full of himself and his ego is out of control. I don't think I've read a single post of his where he doesn't wax poetic about how great he is. GET OVER YOURSELF DUDE.

--It's starting to get cold here. I'm really not going to like this humid cold. And the wind! Oh dear, the wind. The other day, when I was walking to lunch, the wind was literally pushing me forward. But, luckily, starting in December I will be able to park in the parking garage that is connected to our office building by an underground tunnel so I won't have to walk to the building in the cold!

--I really love my job. We rotate audits every 4 months, so I finished my first one and am well into my second. The first one was so fun, I loved my team and learned a lot. Long story short, we were auditing an internal system employees use to order materials. My new audit is generically called "Contractor Audit." We audit contractors the company pays to provide services. At the beginning of October, I got to go to Denver for a week because there were a lot of contractors out there doing pretty extensive repairs from damage caused by the floods in the area. Here is a crazy picture:

That line of water running down the middle shows where the water ran under the track and washed away the mountain... leaving the track dangling in midair! This picture was taken from a helicopter so it looks small, but the washout left a hole about 80 ft high. This happened halfway through September and they have the line up and running now, but they still have contractors out working on it and finishing things up.

The work itself wasn't that exciting. We spent most of out time reviewing invoice support. But it was fun to travel with people from work and get to know them better and we did get to see some cool stuff!

--I'm still having a hard time making friends out here. I am so thankful that Greg has an old college roommate who already lived in Omaha with his wife when we moved out here. Their friendship has been a saving grace. They even like to play Dominion with us! And they have the cutest little boy. It's been a little discouraging to still not have friends, especially when our efforts fall flat or get rejected. I can be pretty self-conscious about my personality especially when I'm around people I don't know very well... which is pretty much everyone in my life at this point, so it gets really exhausting. At least Greg and I get along great :)

--I passed my first CPA test, I take my second the day before Thanksgiving! If I stay on track, I'll take my last test in May.

--Maybe one day I'll sit down and write about the Women in Business event I attended at BYU... maybe.