Monday, August 1, 2011

Wiener Beans

GUYS. Let's face it. I'm not a good blogger.

I try to be awesome, but I'm just not a very good writer, and the things that are funny to me aren't funny to anyone else, except maybe Greg... and they're probably only funny to him cuz of how much I laugh (more on that later).

Anyways, speaking of bad bloggers, here are some types of blogs I hate (disclaimer: some of these types of blogs I actually really like. Others, not so much):

- Study abroad blogs: no one really cares about every little detail of your itinerary. Tell me a funny story about the homeless person on the bus or the handsome Italian you met. I don't want to hear about every historic landmark you've ever been to, especially if you have nothing exciting to say about them.

- "I just got married and now I think my life is about 100x more interesting so I'm going to start a blog and tell you about the most mundane details of my life": If anything, being married made you more boring. And I get that you love to use the word hubby, but it's kind of gross. Does he have a name? Tell me a funny story about your husband having gas or about how he accidentally put your underwear on.

- The mom who is obsessed with her only child: thank you for a picture a day of your kid. And please let me know how normal he turns out after you constantly have a camera in his face his whole childhood. Tell me a funny story about how your kid picked her nose and wiped in on your face. Heck, even just tell me the boring mundane details... just try and say it in a funny way!

Ok ok ok, I'll get off my rant. Now for a funny story (this ties back to the whole "I'm the only one who thinks some things are funny): One night I was talking to Greg about beanie weenees. Has anyone else ever had this? I think I used to eat them as a kid, can't really remember. Anyways, isn't a fun name? Beanie weenees! They're just beans with cut up hot dogs mixed in. Greg said, "yeah, I had those... we called them hot dogs and beans." Hot dogs and beans? What a boring name! Of course I had to make fun of him for calling them "hot dogs and beans." After my relentless teasing Greg proclaimed, "Well, at least I don't call them WIENER BEANS!"

Wiener Beans???

I think I almost wet my pants from laughing.