Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sophomore Year

I just found an old journal from my sophomore year of college - it wasn't even that long ago but I had forgotten some of the HILARIOUS things in it.

There was this one guy I went on a date with, let's call him K. He called me a few times after that date and I had legitimately been busy so we hadn't gone out again. One day he left me a voicemail basically asking me to clarify whether I was interested in him or not. I called him back and apologized for being so busy. He asked me what I was doing that night (going to the temple and an intramural game). "Hmm, sounds like you're busy...What about conference weekend" (going up to my grandparents). "OK, well, I'm just trying to gauge your level of interest... I might call you later. Do you have anything to say?" (

Later that evening I got another voicemail from him
"Sorry to keep calling, I don't usually call this much, I'm not usually this.... interested.

Anyways, do you you want to go to the temple with me sometime? Umm.. actually, wait, that might be weird. Bye."

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