Tuesday, May 27, 2014


"We came home and sat in Shelbey's room and had the online dictionary say awkward words (the best were booby and breast). Then we thought we were getting ready for bed but we heard people talking outside of 44 so we kept spying on them and saying their names and being super weird and it was hilarious until Leslie was rude to us and accused us of needing attention

Shelbey: "Say 'Marshal'"
Mikaela: {whispers} "Maaarshall!!!"

Shelbey and I went to ballet club today. We tried to register beforehand but the slips weren't where they were supposed to be and when we tried to find the room to register, room 129 was definitely the men's faculty locker room.


After ward prayer there were guys in our hall from Young Hall looking for a cell phone. After they left, someone else found the found and brought it to our apartment. We called them and told them we had it and they came back for it but we wouldn't give it to them so they put another phone under the door to "trade" us, but we just kept both. They started banging on the door and being obnoxious so I called their RA, Matt, and asked him to come pretend to be mad at them. Before he got there, a girl next door got way mad that they were being so loud and somehow Brother Graves ended up in our lobby and came to our door and asked for the phones. Sad. Taylor was so mad at us.

Shelbey set the stove on fire.

Our cleaning check went well. Shelbey put on heels to clean so I put on heels, booty shorts, and a tanktop. In response, she took off her shirt and just wore her jeans, heels, and bra. So I took my shirt off too and just cleaned in my bra. I'm sure Taylor and Kim didn't approve.


Mikaela: "When you're an artist, it's not like, "Oh wow, he's hot." It's like, "Ooh, what an interesting shadow on your butt."

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