Saturday, May 10, 2014

Home sweet home

Greg and I have been in Omaha for a little over a year now. I have mixed feelings about Omaha. There are things I love, there are things I am getting used to. I love the storms we get here and how friendly people are. Mostly, I love my job. UP makes all the things I don't necessarily love about Omaha totally worth it. I'm surprised by how much I miss Utah, but I spent five years there so I'm sure Omaha will come to hold a similar place in my heart with time.  Camping is a joke here, it's essentially sleeping in a big field. So is hiking or even going on any type of walk in nature (we went to this one 'nature walk' that was a sidewalk through a mowed field).  This winter was hellishly cold. In Georgia, lows in the 30s were my typical winter days. In provo, lows in the teens became more common. In Omaha, single digits with negative windchills was the norm. Hellish. Cold.

I realized I never shared pictures of our current apartment, but we're actually moving! We purchased a townhome close to downtown in a community where a lot of Mormons who are attending dental school/law school in Omaha live.  We don't necessarily love the idea of being around that many Mormons, but it made so much sense financially. The townhouse itself isn't too exciting, it's kind of in a sketchy area. But we're still very excited to have equity in something and stop throwing away rent payments.  

We'll be making some paint changes, but here are some pictures the seller sent us:

Living room - view from the door. That door in the back leads into a good size back room with a washer and dryer - no more coin operated laundry, holla! We will be painting these red walls a tan color

View from the other angle

The kitchen - The seller had a nautical theme in here which is really cute but doesn't match the stuff we have, so hopefully our decor will match with these walls. I love the tile backsplash!! The kitchen doesn't have much counter space, but we're kind of used to that. There isn't much cupboard space but there is a pantry and we can use the storage room.

Dining Area

Back storage room

 View from the outside. The left side is the living room, the right side is the kitchen, we'll have that little patio area, and there are two bedrooms and one bathroom upstairs.

It's nothing glamorous but we are really excited! Our friends Scott and Becky will be two doors down from us (cuz we're total stalkers and just follow them everywhere). I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to meet more people who are new to Omaha and are looking to make friends. We'll be five minutes away from the zoo!

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