Thursday, October 20, 2011

At the beginning of the week, I flew out to Denver for some interviews for internships. The plan is that you do an internship and if you don't totally screw it up, you get a full time offer. I got to spend time with the Palmers which was so fun, as always, and then they took me to my hotel in downtown Denver.

First of all, I was so spoiled. I got to fly right out of Provo, and I got to stay in the Grant Hyatt, with a king size bed! I had interviews with Ernst and Young on Monday and Deloitte on Tuesday. It all went well (except for almost forgetting to wear a bra the first day). For each one, we met in the morning and they fed us and then we did some interviews and then they took us out to lunch. I liked everyone I met at both firms and was wondering what I would do if I got an offer from both.

Not to worry. I already got a rejection call from Deloitte. It hurt. I cried a little. But it'll be ok. She told me that there is just a lot of interest in the internship and that everyone liked me and that I did really well, but there wasn't enough room. I'm not sure how much of that to believe, but whatever. I'm still waiting to hear back from Ernst & Young. Hopefully I'll get an internship offer... otherwise my summer plans totally fell through. There's another change in January, maybe I could get in with one of the smaller firms in Denver?

Now I just wait, and hope and pray.


  1. A. Yay for awesome time in Denver!

    Good luck with Ernst and Young! You freaking deserve these internships! You are awesome, Megan! I knew that the second you offered to clean my mirror. Well, I knew it before then...