Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm not a very good blogger.

Let's be real- my life right now revolves around work, greg, and wedding planning. No one wants to hear me talk about accounting anymore than I want to talk about it. (Side note - whenever the people I work with go out to lunch together, I think I'm the only person who would rather talk about personal life things than work/accounting. And for the record, I don't think accounting jokes are funny, nor do I think it's funny to say things like "Oh, I guess that's the accountant in us," or "we're such typical auditors!" I am not a freak) The last thing anyone wants to read is some mushy post about how perfect Greg is . And nobody but me really cares that much about my wedding choices.


Survey for people who have nothing better to talk about on their blogs:

1. What feature of the opposite sex do you notice first?

I don't really know... probably mostly height and face.

2. Do you talk to yourself?

I don't think so... maybe I just don't realize that I do. I do sing in the car, and sometimes when I'm rehearsing what I am planning on saying to someone/what I wish I would have said to someone, I find myself saying it out loud.

3. What is your current relationship status?

Engaged... its kinda freaking me out that I get married in a month. Not freaking out like a "Aaaah, what am I doing?!" but like a "Holy crap, will everything get done in time??"

4. Do you have a garden?

No... I foresee myself trying it at some point in the future, but we'll see how long that lasts

5. What is your favorite licorice flavor?

Licorice is gross

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