Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I try to be nice (most of the time), but most of you who know me know that I can be a little... sassy? rude? witchy? tempermental?

Ok. I'll own up to it. I'm not perfect. I have a temper. People annoy me. I'm impatient.

HOWEVER: apparently when I actually want to be rude to someone... I can't do it.

Something fun I wanted to do this summer was to take some drop-in ballet classes down in Salt Lake City. I found two studios that offered classes for $10 each, something within my price range. Last week I called the Salt Lake City Ballet and was informed that there was an open class at 8 PM. I was so excited! I talked to Greg on my way there (hands free call, of course) and I was giddy with excitement. The studio is right in the heart of salt lake city and so the building doors are locked at night. I was told to call the office phone when I needed to be let it.... so I did. I called and called and called... and called somemore. No one ever answered. So eventually I just went home. I emailed and they apologized. Apparently the class was actually at 7:30, not 8, so they weren't expecting any more people to arrive.

Today I decided to try again. I checked their facebook to see if class was still on. I called thirty min before and left a message double checking the time and location. Once again, I was sooooo excited to go dance! I got there and called.... no answer. How am I supposed to get in a locked building when no one will answer the phone that they tell you to call!? I was so sad

I talked to Greg about how I was going to send them an email being like "I am wanting to come to your studio and spend $10 for a class, and you don't even answer the phone, even though you tell people that's how to get ahold of you." I was soooo ready to let them have a piece of my mind!! Like fo' real, I was about to get all up in thurrr grill.

Then the studio called back. I was so ready to be rude on the phone and to be like "WHAT THE HECK?!?!?! You people are so disorganized! I'm sick of driving down here and not being able to take class!!"

But I'm a wimp. She apologized and explained how people are usually able to get in when other people are leaving the building. I was polite. Ugh. Overrated.

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