Sunday, January 13, 2013

Winter 2013

The first week of a semester always kills me. I inevitably question my ability to do everything that the semester will require. I feel overwhelmed and stressed and have a hard time transitioning from relaxed vacation mode to school mode. I feel like I have homework to do, but I don't want to do it, so I just sit there feeling stressed about all the homework I have to do, but not doing anything about it.

I'm particularly disliking this semester because I have senioritis, I am not really stoked about any of the classes I'm taking, and only a couple of my teachers seem very awesome. Advanced financial accounting and  advanced corporate finance... are you jealous yet? What about money & economics? You know you wish you were me! I have four classes on Monday and Wednesday, which is actually quite a doozy, so maybe I should switch to another section of one class that meets Tue/Thurs.

Luckily, my friends Jessica and Ariel got me out of the house to go see a movie. We saw Pitch Perfect and I laughed so hard. I cannot remember the last time I loved a movie so much. Jessica has seen the movie several times, and now I understand why - as soon as I left the movie, I wanted to see it again. It. Was. Hilarious. I wouldn't recommend it to everyone, but if you've been considering seeing it, SEE IT.

We also saw The Hobbit... I'm not much of a Lord of the Rings fan (I have seen the first two movies and had a really hard time following what was happening), but I enjoyed the Hobbit. It was easy to follow, but I did feel like it was a little long and repetitive. They're on a journey and something bad happens, but they get out of it... then something bad happens, but they get out of it.... then something bad happens, but they get out of it... and so on

In other news, Greg just lost his 3rd phone within 6 months due to water damage. The first one was dropped in a sink full of dirty dish water, the second went through the wash (my bad), and the third was dropped into... well, let's not go there. Suffice it to say there was water damage. Add a faulty Craiglist phone to the mix, and that puts Greg at phone number 5 in about 6 months! For some reason, this just really cracks me up.

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