Friday, January 11, 2013

10 random things

A lighthearted post for today - 10 random facts

1. I LOVE sleeping. It is probably one of my favorite things. Greg and I usually go to sleep around 10 and wake up at 6:30 and I am still sleepy. Getting in bed and feeling all snug under the covers - probably consistently my favorite part of the day.

2. But, I don't like naps. I almost always feel gross after waking up from a nap and I would much rather go to sleep early than toss and turn all night because I took a  nap and now can't sleep.

3. I have a weird habit of not finishing food, particularly glasses of milk, bowls of cereal, and sandwiches. I'm not sure why. Just looking at the last little bit of food is not appetizing.

4. My sense of smell is strong and a little wacko. I smell everything, even smells that aren't real. I have been woken up in the morning by smells from the trash in the kitchen. I can smell when our downstairs neighbor is making bread. I always smell things that Greg doesn't smell. I'm not pregnant, but if this gets worse when I am pregnant, it's gonna be bad. Smells that don't seem to bother normal people bother me - like the smell of hair. Because of this, I don't like perfumes and sprays. They are so overpowering and give me headaches. I even smell my deodorant throughout the day and get headaches.

5. This fun fact is courtesy of my old roommate, Shelbey, who pointed out that I habitually look things up online. Like if we're sitting around talking about something, I'll look it up online to learn more about it. Ever since she pointed it out, I realize I do this ALL THE TIME. In class, hanging out with friends, chilling and watching TV. What can I say... I like to learn...?

6. I don't like to do things that other people have told me to do. This is only true in certain contexts, mainly situations where what they're telling me to do is something I already feel insecure about. Best example - visiting teaching. I really like the concept of visiting teaching, but as soon as someone reminds me to do visiting teaching or tells me to go set up an appointment, I freeze. I don't want to do it. Immature and stubborn? Yes. In other situations, I just feeling awkward doing what someone has told me to do because it feels fake and forced.

7. I despise working out. The only things I enjoy doing are ballet and swimming, but swimming is so inconvenient.

8. I am a feminist. How cliche - I went to college and became a feminist.

9. I hesitate to say this, because there is a negative connotation associated with this word, but the political party I most closely identify with is the libertarian party. Why? Because in many ways it matches how I feel about fiscal issues (free markets, etc) and social issues (legalizing gay marriage, etc)

10. The one calling I would seriously consider turning down would be to work in the nursery. I don't understand babies. My ideal calling - young women's adviser. I have a feeling that if I were called into young women's I wouldn't last long and I'd probably get in trouble for corrupting their young minds with thoughts of equality and empowerment.

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