Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Let Women Pray At General Conference

A lot of members of the church are uncomfortable with anyone questioning the way things are. In a discussion with a professor at school about several aspects of the church, I was warned that asking "why" gets you in to trouble.

I don't agree with this. Not in the slightest. I believe in asking why.

On the facebook page for this event, several people have made statements like "Don't you think that if God wanted women to pray in General Conference, they would be?" Maybe you see it differently, but I see spots in our church's past that I don't think went the way that God would want them to go. Or, even less extreme, maybe some things just were never really that important to him. Can you not see how the church's position has changed over time? From the very garments we wear, to the very temple ceremonies we participate it, to becoming more accepting and loving towards homosexuals. Things change. And I think this is one of those things that can change.

One last comment - just because you might not agree with these things, don't assume that those around you who do are beneath you. Don't try to teach them the way things are supposed to be. Because, lezbe honest, in regards to these types of issues, the way you think things are supposed to be is just as much of an opinion as the way I think things should be.

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