Wednesday, August 1, 2012

These Days

Did you know Greg and I just moved? Yep, our contract ended at our duplex and we had to move. We wanted to move nearby so we would be with the same people for church and so the move would be easy.

We really lucked out. Let me tell you about our new place, which is right across the street from our old place. It's an apartment in a complex of eight apartments. The living room and kitchen are a lot smaller. We don't have a basement for storage and we will have to use a laundromat for laundry, but there is a laundromat attached to the complex that is really cheap. There are 2 bedrooms, so we are using the second one for storage. The bedroom is a much better size than our old one - you can actually walk around the bed without touching the walls or falling in the closet - and the closet is wonderful. Our old place used little window units for AC - here, we have central air. The toilet and shower are separate from the bathroom sinks. Yes, sinks, there are two of them, so I won't be in Greg's way when I brush my teeth for twice as long as him (I'm a little obsessive with oral hygiene). The sinks are in a vanity, so we actually have counter tops to put stuff on. We get Comcast cable included in our rent, which we definitely didn't get at the old place. And, drum roll please........ we are spending at least $100 less per month!! $450/month plus internet, gas/water, and electricity. What up.

Our old place was a lot prettier and brighter. What I'll miss most about the duplex is probably the washer and dryer in the basement and the bigger fridge. But, I seriously love it here more than I expected. I actually love that the living room is smaller because it is easier to keep clean. I like not having to go to the basement to get to our storage. And can I just say how much I am enjoying being able to watch the Olympics?!

Pictures of the new place:
 Kitchen, with the lovely green stove.
 Living room, which is right next to the kitchen. Look at those bare walls!
Bathroom sinks
 Messy bedroom
Other angle

 Glorious closet space

The floor plan is kind of hard to describe... basically you walk in the front door and the kitchen is on your right and the living room is on your left. So the front of the apartment is the living room, kitchen. The back of the apartment is the two bedrooms, side by side. The middle of the apartment is a hall with the bathroom and a closet for the water heather.

We love it. We love each other. Life is good.

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