Thursday, December 22, 2011

Farewell, my noble steed

This week was the week to move from Provo to Colorado. We're subleasing our duplex so we had to move all of our stuff out - I hate packing. My top five lessons learned from packing:

1. Don't break down and cry on the couch
2. Start sooner
3. Don't break down and cry on the floor
4. Try to organize what you're packing - i.e. don't pack your tupperware away while you still have tupperwares in the fridge
5. Don't break down and cry in the closet

Anyways, it was a rough day, but we got it done. We put all the stuff we won't need in Denver in storage and loaded up the cars. The next day we started our trek to Denver. We both had to drive b/c we would need both cars in Denver, since we'll be here for almost 4 months. I was really scared about driving through the mountains, but I had my walkie talkie and Greg was helping me know what to do. Little did I know, our 8 hour trip would turn into a 16 hour trip, I would walk away from the day one car poorer and 2 citations richer, and we would spend 5 hours in Rifle, CO. (What's that? You've never heard of Rifle? Imagine that! Well, they have a Wal-Mart!)

When we were about halfway there, it started to snow. It wasn't sticking on the road (or so we thought), and Greg and I decided we didn't need to slow down. Everyone was still going 70 mph and I lost control of my car and crashed. It was really scary, but I didn't get hurt. Martha (my car) on the other hand... well she's a goner.

As I described in excruciating detail on the police report: I was going east in the right lane and started to merge left to avoid a car with its hazards on that was parked on the side of the road. When I started to merge, the car slid on ice and I lost control. It fishtailed for a while, and I eventually slid into the guard rail on the right side of the road, which spun me into a 360, across the median (which was actually a ditch), across the westbound lanes of traffic, through a barb wire fence, and finally came to a stop at on a little hill. It was terrifying, but I didn't get hurt at all, just a little bit of wiplash today. But holy cow, how lucky was I? Everyone was travelling 70mph and no one hit me. When I was going across the other lane of traffic, a car was headed for me, but I got out of his way and he didn't spin out. I thought I was going to die, but, thankfully, here I am.

There were 6 accidents on that half-mile stretch of road within 30 minutes of mine (and not caused by mine, thank goodness). Oh, and my citation? Careless driving. What the heck?

Martha - my noble steed

RIP Martha. You've been a good girl. Your bench seat will be sorely missed.


  1. Sorry to hear about the car, but we're glad you're okay. It reminds me of when we had an accident coming back from Denver. We just fishtailed and hit the guard rail, but it was still pretty harrowing. The sad thing is that we were about twenty minutes from home, too.

    The citation just adds insult to injury. What's the point? To teach you not to do it again?

  2. Not Martha!

    Also, can you imagine how Greg felt watching you? The thought of him watching the woman he loves spinning into on coming traffic to her death is terrifying. I'm glad you're still alive, and I'm sure he is, too!

  3. Oh my goodness, I'm glad you are all right!!! That is the most awful thing. That car was good to you. It's a miracle you aren't hurt.

    Well...hopefully this isn't a bad omen for Colorado!