Monday, July 8, 2013

When Greg, my dad, and I were en route to Omaha, I expressed how excited I was to be heading somewhere that had real storms. Storms (and trees) are what I miss about Georgia - Utah just doesn't do real storms! I love the thunder, the lightning, the pouring rain, the wind (as long as I'm safe inside, of course). I love the sound, the smell, and the look of a good storm.

It has apparently been a very wet summer for Omaha. Last year there was a drought and this year there is a surplus of rain. It feels like every other day is a storm! I'm not complaining though - I've only had to drive through it once and have yet to have to walk through it. We've had evening storms where we've been able to open the window to listen to the rain and thunder and I've sat in front of the window, mesmerized by the lightning and vicious wind. I'm on the 18th floor at work, so when there are day time storms, I can see the sheets of rain being blown by the wind and the lightning arcing to the ground. It is legit.

No matter where you live, people are convinced that "*fill in the blank state* has the worst drivers." I'll hand it to you that people in Provo are terrible drivers, but that has way more to do with the fact that it is an overly congested college town than that it is in Utah. Let's be real - no matter where you live, people suck at driving and they're all a bunch of idiots. Nebraska is no exception. I've noticed one particular trend out here - people don't hesitate to pull out in front of you, even if it means you will have to slam on your brakes for them. People are also very comfortable driving vastly below the speed limit (we're talking 10 under). And they are really slow about changing lanes... like they'll straddle the line for a solid 10 seconds

Nebraskans like to hate on Iowans. I've actually only heard people bring this up a few times, but it makes me laugh. They have acronyms for IOWA - Idiots Out Wandering Around and I Owe the World an Apology are the best I've heard. It makes me laugh that pretty much any other state in the country would turn their nose up at Nebraska, and then Nebraska turns its nose up at Iowa.

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