Sunday, October 7, 2012

Great Clips

My hair has been driving me crazy because it looked really boxy and plain. This past week, I was craving a hair cut. So I went to Great Clips. I know what you are thinking, but I honestly love getting my hair cut at Great Clips. I've only had one "bad" experience, and it wasn't even that big of a deal. It probably helps that I usually want pretty simple things done to my hair, but either way I almost always leave happy. And a haircut is only $13 plus the tip! I told the girl I wanted more layers so my hair felt lighter, and she recommended "thinning" to make my hair even lighter. I've never had my hair thinned before but I agreed to it and I LOVE it. If you have thick hair and want a change, I definitely recommend thinning. My ponytail is almost half the size now and my hair is so smooth and light. I cannot stop touching it. They're doing a deal right now where you get a $7.99 haircut if you have a football ticket. If you don't go to the games, I can give you my ticket if you want a haircut!

I got a new job! My main job is a TA for the junior core. My new job is only a few hours every week, like 8 or so. Its pretty exciting. My boss is working to set up a personal finance center on campus and I'm helping out. Personal finance is something I really enjoy and it's interesting to be in the planning and start-up phases of a project. Confusing and frustrating, but interesting.

I cannot believe I graduate in April. I'm already getting nostalgic about some of my favorite things about BYU and Provo. Walking to the stadium on game days. Being able to walk so many places. The bell tower music at noon. Leaving devotional with a mass of college students who left behind all the other things they needed to get done in order to nourish their souls. Greg's hockey games at Seven Peaks. My wonderful friends being so close by. All the wonderful resources on campus. This unique opportunity to be around people who believe in the same things as you but yet are still so different from one another.

So far I've applied for full time jobs with John Deere (haven't heard back from first interview), Johnson & Johnson (didn't get an interview), Union Pacific, and Dell (interviews this week). Life's moving fast! Before you know it, I'll have three kids and a minivan!

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